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Review: Burt’s Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser with Royal Jelly

Honey-based ingredients was the skincare trend everyone had to have last season, but I am still on the propolis hype train! If you are into the royal jelly life, you’ll definitely be intrigued by the ingredient list for this particular cleanser.


Burt’s Bees was founded in 1984, but the company would not be recognizable back then as we know it today. An American couple owned a bee farm, using leftover beeswax for candles & lip balm. The brand’s focus did not shift to personal care until 1994, but the company maintained it’s natural care philosophy despite being bought by Clorox in 2007.

Burt’s Bees is highly active in sustainability in all aspects of their company & I am a huge supporter of them. They responsibly source ingredients & only partner with certified suppliers, they are active in recycling & water restoration projects, and they support their employees by providing paid time-off for volunteering in community projects. They have their sustainability reports & 2020 sustainability targets listed online.


The product is a creamy water-based cleanser, formulated for normal to dry skin types. However, this could be considered universal unless you have highly sensitive skin.


This is the 2nd cleanser in my Double Cleansing Method routine. It is a water-based cleanser that is meant to wash away the impurities & daily grime removed by the initial oil-based cleanser. However, it is gentle enough to be used twice a day.



This is a hydrating cream cleanser with hints of yellow in the formula. Despite being a lotion cleanser, this slightly foams when lathered. The consistency is light & moisturizing so the light foam does not feel stripping, even when I use it both AM & PM skincare routines.

The cleanser is not nearly as thick as the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser & washes off much cleaner. Lotion cleansers sometimes leave filmy residue behind, but this cleanser by Burt’s Bees rinses off the cleanest of any creamy cleanser I have ever tried.


… And this is the area of vulnerability in this cleanser for me . Burt’s Bees is a brand I want to love, but there is always a deal breaker of varying degrees in every product I have tried by them. It is always different feature each time, this time is the scent.

Every time I use this product, it is like is I am rubbing Ricola Honey Cough Drop all over my face. It has an extremely sweet smell, yet antiseptic & menthol traces to it. It likely would not bother someone that is not as scent sensitive as I am, but this product has me nearly gagging with each use.


The cleanser comes in your standard pump packaging, which I highly prefer over tube packaging for cleansers. I do not want to play hot potato with my cleanser when I am double cleansing!

The packaging is not luxurious & I wish the white plastic bottle was more translucent because it is difficult to judge how much product is left in the container. The pump is super easy to control & this product has never leaked during the few airplane rides I have taken it on so the cheap looking package is a sturdy little thing!


When I see an appealing cosmetic at the drugstore, I am always looking for the flaw where the brand made a price cut to keep the product at a low cost to the consumer. Is the packaging junk? Are there some notoriously cheap ingredients like alcohol or sulfates in the formula? Does it smell weird?

Is the texture unappealing? Yet, I still cannot find a significant flaw with this product.

It is a powerful cleanser that removes some of my most stubborn waterproof makeup, yet still extremely gentle & leaves my face feeling moisturized. The formula is so light & washes off so cleanly that it reminds me of a gel instead of a lotion-based cleanser.

I do have to mention since this is a cleanser, especially since it is a cleanser with a particularly nice ingredient list, that is in fact just a cleanser. Well formulated cleansers are incredibly important, but wash-off products rarely perform skincare miracles so tailored expectations are always important when it comes to this skincare step.

This cleanser does leave behind a bit of my waterproof liquid lipstick & mascara. It is a water-based cleanser so realistically you should either be Double Cleansing with an oil cleanser as well or you should be using a makeup remover product if you wear sunscreen or heavy makeup, but these results are impressive because I did not use either in these photos.

There are 2 acne triggers &  1 irritant according to CosDNA.

Ingredient List

Soy Protein

Potent antioxidant & anti-inflammatory that stimulates collagen & hyaluronic acid production, there is also some evidence that it can reduce UVB damage


This is considered one of the best oils for dry skin, it contains fatty acids & repairs the skin barrier


It can be derived from lipids or synthetically product, but it is a naturally occurring substance that helps repair the outer skin barrier. This ingredients works to soften skin so other hydrating ingredients can more easily penetrate the skin.

Royal Jelly

This is the food for royalty & eaten exclusively by Queen Bees, but it is an anti-bacterial in the skincare sphere that also contains fatty acids & some studies have shown it increases collagen production


Non-fragrant plant emollient that has been shown to stimulate collagen production & repair skin barrier, this cleanser also contains jojoba butter which is richer in fatty acids


This is a possible acne & irritant trigger, but it is one of my favorite ingredients. It is more commonly known as a form of Vitamin E, which is packed with antioxidants & improves skin texture

Rosemary Leaf Extract

The fragrance can be an irritant trigger & does irritate my eyes, but it does have antioxidant properties that could benefit the skin

Misc. Ingredient Notes

This product has many great products, I tried to highlight some of the best in the first half of the ingredient list; but there are still other great antioxidants [Bilberry] & anti-bacterials [Maple Sap]. There are a number of citrus extracts in this product though, something to be aware of if you have sensitivities to this type of ingredient.

I think we should have a brief discussion on preservatives as well.

While parabens do NOT cause cancer, I understand why people do not want them in their cosmetics. However, we need to take a look at our natural cosmetics with skepticism as well in order to ensure our personal safety when using them so issues like the EOS lip balm infections do not occur.

When you delve into natural cosmetics, consumers need to have realistic expectations. If you troubled skin or allergies, you particularly need to have knowledge of your ingredients before going into natural cosmetics. Many natural preservatives can be skin irritants or allergins; such as linalool, bees wax, or other botanical extracts.

You are either going to get a natural product or a product that could have outlast the dinosaurs, but it is rare you will get a product that is both. There are good natural preservative systems, but it is still important to check your natural cosmetics regularly for mold growth. If you are someone that hoards skincare products or you do not want the maintenance of occasionally checking you cosmetic products then natural cosmetics may not be for you.


Product Price:  $7.39 USD / 6oz = $1.23 USD per Ounce

Yet another reason I love Burt’s Bees is their products remain extremely affordable while having great ingredient lists & natural preservatives, if that is your thing. They have a huge presence in sustainability & “green cosmetics” movement as well, which many companies use as an excuse to do huge mark-ups on their products coughAmorePacificcough. Burt’s Bees seems to be more focused on spreading consumer awareness & ultimately it is more profitable to have your products widely available to the general public than maintaining the disguise of high-end exclusivity.

If you cannot already tell, I have a huge “brand crush” on Burt’s Bees.

Their products are also extremely accessible. I have easily found their products online & on shelves across the globe. I noticed this specific cleanser was double the price on Austria’s Amazon Prime, but $14 for a cleanser is still very reasonable.


Rating: 4.5 / 5

This is one of the best performing skincare products I have used by Burt’s Bees. This cleanser foams nicely while still remaining hydrating, it also removes make-up fairly on it’s own without an oil cleanser. The price is great, the ingredient list is sexy, the company seem to have a heart of hold. Just that smell, it is the sole reason I would not repurchase this product because it is overpowering to my scent sensitivities.

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