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Review: Goodal Double Bright Emulsion

I avoided ever using an emulsion, even years after I was a full-fledged skincare addict. I thought it was just a light moisturizer that you put on before a thicker moisturizer at night. It seemed a bit redundant to me, especially if you already use a good moisturizer in your night-time routine… But I was so wrong.

I decided to try emulsions after two of my skincare-addicted friends swore by this step & now I could not imagine my skincare routine without it! While I am new to emulsions, I still feel like the Goodal Double Bright Emulsion was one of the best options I could have chosen.


Goodal’s name is derived from English “Good + All” as the brand tries to develop products with “all good” ingredients. Their products are known for having fermented ingredients, restoring radiance & vitality to the skin. Goodal is owned by Club Clio, a company that was established in 1993 & known for their makeup products.

Goodal is typically associated with the “natural cosmetics” trend & their products are known for containing lots of botanical extracts; but it is important to remember that “natural cosmetics” does not mean they are organic, free-trade, sustainable, or cruelty-free. Goodal does not fall into any of these latter categories, Innisfree is one of the very few South Korean cosmetic brands that has organic & sustainable certifications.


I find emulsions are the most confusing step in skincare, it is part of the reason I avoided it for so long. Brands refer to emulsions with different meanings & no one seems to agree which order this step should be in a routine. I prefer to describe emulsions as watery, light moisturizers. They a great for dry skin that could use additional moisture, they are nice for oily skin that may not be able to heavier moisturizers or could use hydration to prevent flaking from acne treatments.

It is not a mandatory step though, it is just a step that works well for my skin & I like to have it in my routine.


See above, no one seems to agree where to place emulsions in a skincare routine so this is just my personal antidote. Some product instructions will say this product step is a “preparation treatment” for essences & serums so it would be applied after toners & before any other products. I personally place emulsions towards the end of my skincare routine.

My routine is ordered from watery-to-thick products, exception being anti-aging or chemical exfoliant steps, so I place emulsions before my moisturizer & after all other products. I also only use this in my PM skincare routine, but it is non-greasy & absorbs well enough that it layers well under my makeup.



This a much lighter consistency than I anticipated, I expected it to be more like a gel moisturizer though it actually feels more like an ampoule.  I was worried this product was going to be thick & heavy because it is difficult to shake out of the bottle, but it is very watery & much more transparent than it appears in the packaging.



Ugh. Just ugh. I am somewhat sensitive to scents & I just cannot handle the smell of this product. I do think this product has great effects on my skin, but there are nights I have to skip it if I feel extra sensitive or an oncoming headache because this smell will trigger it. It is an overwhelming perfume like floral baby powder. It is just so strong & it takes a few minutes to dissipate after application.


This is the 2nd most frustrating aspect of this product for me. I love the aesthetics of the packaging. It is a durable plastic bottle that has a modern, sleek appearance of frosted glass & cool tones that speak to my soul. The bottle is opaque enough that it appears luxurious, but transparent enough that I can tell how much product is left in the bottle.


However, I wish Goodal would have spared expense on the aesthetics of the packaging & invested more in the function. It is a long, thin bottle with a screw-off cap & no pump. So how does one dispense the product? The only way is to physically abuse the bottle! The product is a very thick emulsion so it does not slide out of the bottle with a few shakes like liquid foundation or toner. I have to turn it upside down, shake & pound the bottom of the bottle a few times even when it is full.

This product is sorely missing a pump for dispensing just for ease of use, not even considering the unhygienic possibilities.


I am sure it seems like I hate this product already, but I only dislike superficial aspects of this product like the packaging & scent. This emulsion performs like a miracle worker on my dry skin. I can tell when I skipped this product in my skincare routine, both visually & just by the way my skin feels.

I initially only used this in my PM routine when I was still in the testing stages of this product, I was surprised how plump & supple my skin felt the next morning when I would I wash my face.

I began working this into my AM routine because it absorbs quickly & it performed well as a solo moisturizer this summer when it was too humid for a traditional moisturizer. The only reason I do not consistently use this in my AM routine is just to save time. I do remote work from home, but I still keep my AM routine short because work is time-consuming no matter the location or type of work you do.

I do not feel like the product makes any outlandish claims. The product is advertised as a milky emulsion that leaves the skin feeling moisturized & smooth, which it definitely fulfills both categories. It is completely non-greasy as an added bonus. The product claims it brightens skin tone & fade pigmentation, which the product does contain a lot of anti-inflammatories & anti-oxidants. I do not feel like the product has faded any sun damage on my skin, but I do feel like it has helped with redness reduction on my skin.

There are 6 acne triggers & 4 irritants according to CosDNA.

Ingredient List

Water, Glycerin, Hydrogenated Polydecene, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Propanediol, Niacinamide, Polysorbate 60, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycereth-26,Glycereth-26, Paeonia Lactiflora Root Extract, Tricholoma Matsutake Extract, Panax Ginseng Root ExtractRosemary Leaf Extract, Angelica Keiskei Leaf/ stem ExtractOryza Sativa ExtractScutellaria Baicalensis Root ExtractPortulaca Oleracea Extract, ArbutinSodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic AcidCamellia Japonica Flower Extract, Magnolia Liliflora Bud Extract, Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Palmitic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, Sorbitan Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Stearic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Carbomer, Polyacrylate-13, Tromethamine, Polyisobutene, Polysorbate 20, Sorbitan isostearate, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Fragrance


It can be derived from lipids or synthetically product, but it is a naturally occurring substance that helps repair the outer skin barrier. This ingredients works to soften skin so other hydrating ingredients can more easily penetrate the skin.


This is one of my favorite ingredients, it is a B3 vitamin form that has been shown to improve skin’s elasticity, enhance the skin’s moisture barrier, and even skin tone & texture

Peony Root

This is a potent antioxidant & some studies have shown it have anti-carcenagen properties, which also indicates that this ingredient in high concentrations can diminish dark sports

Tricholoma Matsutake

This mushroom has been a popular anti-wrinkle ingredient throughout Asia & while the studies on collagen stimulation is inconclusive, but studies have shown this ingredient can improve elasticity


The “hangbang” of all traditional medicinal herbs of the Far East, this is a potent antioxidant that renowned in the modern era for its potential to heal skin & possibly an anti-carcenagen

Oryza Sativa

This is a non-fragrant & moisturizing emollient that has also shown reduce inflammation

Hyaluronic Acid

There are a few different forms of this ingredient in the product, which is great for dry skin. Sodium Hyaluronate is the form of Hyaluronic Acid that is the most bioavailable in the skin & theoretically the best at absorbing into the skin.

Portulaca Oleracea

This is a succulent extract that has anti-inflammatory properties & hydrates the skin, both by precenting water loss & repairing the moisture barrier

Vitamin E

This ingredient is lower in the list so it not have a strong presence in the product, but it is one of my favorite ingredients because it is an antioxidant that helps retexturize the skin

Misc. Ingredient Notes

I have a huge skincare crush on the ingredient list for this product, but this product has quite a few irritants & acne triggers. Most skincare products I have encountered typically have 2 or 3 triggers, but this product has double the amount of triggers. This is something to keep in mind if you have troubled or sensitive skin.

Here are the problematic ingredients in this product:

  • Acne Only: Dimethicone, Palmitic Acid [Saturated Fatty Acid], PEG100 Stearate & Stearic Acid
  • Irritant Only: Sorbiton Stearate & Carbomer
  • Acne & Irritant: Cetearyl Alcohol & Vegetable Oil

I personally have issues with Cetearyl Alcohol [I am looking at you, every Biore sunscreen ever made] & Dimethicone. The thing is that both of these are low enough in the ingredient list that they do not cause issues with my skin, though my skin is not very reactive in general. So keep in mind what your individual skin triggers are when looking into the ingredient list.

This product is so great for my skin that I wish I could share this love with others, but this is definitely not a universal product for all skin types. If you are highly sensitive to scents, this product may also not be for you either.


Product Price:  $17.83 USD / 4.4oz = $4.05 USD per Ounce

This is not an expensive product, but it is definitely not drug store price either. This product does last forever & very little product will go very far when it comes to application so it is not a bad investment for college-budgets. The product is easily accessible online for all countries so no need to worry about falling in love with a product that is hard to find.

I love the effects this had on my skin, but I am hesitant to recommend it at all. Even though I have resilient & non-problematic skin, this products has ton of triggers that would make me uncomfortable trying it out. The packaging is impractical & I believe it will cause a lot of wasted product, it will be difficult to shake out the product once it is close to empty & I cannot cut open packaging like one can with tubes to get out the last bit.

The smell is way too strong. I can forgive a lot of the product’s faux pas, but I will not repurchase this product based upon scent alone. What good is a product if I cannot use it regularly because it triggers migraines?


Rating: 4 / 5

Despite all my qualms with this product, I REALLY like how it performs on my dry skin. This emulsion is definitely not universal for all skin types so you need to study the ingredient list to make sure this is suitable for you. I do think the price needs to be brought down slightly or the packaging needs to be improved, even if it means cheapening the aesthetics. It made my skin incredibly hydrated, plump & bright; but I will not be repurchasing because the scent is too strong for me & occasionally triggers my migraines.


  1. As soon as you mentioned the dysfunctional bottle, that was a deal-breaker for me!

    I am also getting used to these terms…I’ve only just started using a ‘lotion’ lol

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  2. Horrible packaging is the absolute worse! I just cannot be bothered with it haha.

    I did not use an emulsion for years so their are definitely steps that are much more important! Which “lotion” have you been testing out?


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