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Skincare Haul: Boots Edition

The traditional drugstores most of the West has come to know & love are elusive in Southern France. No Walgreens, no Boots, no DM. The French Pharmacy culture is world renowned, but it comes at a higher price tag & many lackluster cosmetics.

So when I have the opportunity to raid a proper drug store, I do not squander it. I recently had a small Boots at Heathrow within my reach so I thought I would share my haul!

Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

  • Cost: £1.50 / 50 ml, £0.89 per Ounce
  • Notable Ingredients: Vitamin E, Sulfate-Free & Silicon-Free; Full Ingredients

This is what started this entire shopping spree! I ran out of cleanser so I went to find a travel size. I do not usually gravitate towards Simple products, I have not had great experiences with the few I have tried & typically something is amiss in the ingredient list for my preferences.

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

  • Cost: £8.00 / 350ml, £0.68 per Ounce
  • Notable Ingredients: Ginseng, Botanical Oils, AHAs, Fermentation & Algae; Full Ingredients

This is my most hoarded cosmetic type. While it is not the most interesting step in a skincare routine, it is one of the most important & I haven’t found The One yet. I have never tried Soap & Glory skincare before so I bought this as another candidate in the search for my perfect hydrating, yet clarifying cleanser.

Botanics All Bright Radiance Concentrate Serum

  • Cost:  £8.99 / 25ml, £10.58 per Ounce
  • Notable Ingredients: Bilberry, Hibiscus & Hyaluronic Acid; Full Ingredients

This appears to be a controversial product on the UK drugstore scene, the serum has tripled in price the last few weeks with the only difference is a package change. However, I found this product to be reasonably priced & I have been curious about the hydrating AHA claims since I read a review on this last month.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Serum

  • Cost: £15.49 / 30ml, £15.49 per Ounce
  • Notable Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Glycerin & Aloe; Full Ingredients

My current AHA serum by Drunk Elephant has taken a turn for the worst (Hint: Do not recommend) so I needed a new product to fulfill this missing spot in my routine. How could I not try this cult classic product?

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer

  • Cost: £4.29 / 125ml, £1.01 per Ounce
  • Notable Ingredients: Glycerin, Lactic Acid, Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, Urea & Allantoin; Full Ingredients

This is a lightweight AHA moisturizer. I have not had the best luck with Simple products, but I could not pass up this ingredient list!

Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel

  • Cost: £1.50 / 15ml, £3.00 per Ounce
  • Notable Ingredients: Glycerin, Vitamin E & Vitamin A; Full Ingredients

I have recently gotten into eye creams. Many people just use their normal skincare routine closer to their eyes, but I have sensitive eyes that have allergic reactions & I am prone to milia from clogged pores around my eyes. I could not pass up a fragrance free, lightweight gel that is under £2.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion

  • Cost:  £4.19 / 250ml, £0.50 per Ounce
  • Notable Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E & Aloe; Full Ingredients

This is my favorite brand for creamy lotions. I love smearing my body in light-weight aloe gels, but harsh winds from the mountains this winter has left my skin flaky & drier than usual. My skin & hair loves coconut oil so this relatively new lotion from Palmers was a no-brainer for me.

Palmer’s Alpha / Beta Hydroxy Body Lotion

  • Price: £4.49 / 250ml, £0.53 per Ounce
  • Notable Ingredients: Lactic Acid, Mineral Oil, Shea Butter, Salicylic Acid & Vitamin E; Full Ingredients

Another one from my precious! I have gotten into AHA body lotions over the last year. I have excessively dry skin & KS, or chronic red bumps, on my limbs; which this type of product increases the cell turnover rate so it should alleviate some of the bothersome symptoms. I cannot wait to try this one out!


As much as this blog is centered around K-beauty, I love finds at the drugstore! What are some of your favorite products from Boots?


  1. Omg. Because you mentioned how that Botanics serum has increased a lot in price, I quickly went to check the Rosewater Toning Spritz which I really love from the brand. It has doubled in price from about £4 to £8!! Such a shame, because I was really thinking to make a repurchase but I might just make a pass. For 150ml, it’s really not worth the price anymore. There was nothing wrong with the old packaging anyway. 😐 Brands make stupid decisions sometimes!

    I haven’t used Soap and Glory skincare in a long time. I used to be quite obsessed with the brand a few years ago. I really liked this eye cream they had but that got discontinued sadly. I actually haven’t tried a cleanser from them though so will be interesting to see what you think!

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    • Ugh, that is irritating! I would much rather pay less for cheaper packaging when it comes to drugstore cosmetics! I have similar feelings about this serum so far, I like though I don’t know I would pay the price for it again.

      I had only tried Soap and Glory makeup before this & the shades never seemed quite right for me. I am still testing out the cleanser, I definitely like it for a drugstore option though I’ve encountered a few minor problems with it.

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