adjective  drift·less \ ˈdriftlə̇s \


Definition of driftless

having no aim or direction, being without purpose
free from glacial drift; region in Wisconsin and northwestern Illinois of the American Midwest that was never glaciated

I am a 26-year-old non-Kosher Chicagoan that was raised in an Illinois river valley, otherwise known as the Driftless Area. This place is not just my home, but it is a term that has characterized who I am.

This blog initially began as Korean cosmetic reviews, but I wanted this little corner of the internet to become a record of sorts to my lifestyle so far. I have been working & living abroad in Europe as a remote expat for the last two years, part of this blog is dedicated to my individual digital nomad experience.

This blog contains life as a foreigner in various countries, getting lost in the Alps on occasion, sharing a little honesty about life & my first love of playing with sheet masks.

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