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The 2nd Annual Skincare Dundies: Favorites & Hate-Its of 2016

Hello, fellow strangers! I apologize for the absence, work hours increased & life became a bit hectic; but consider your fellow Korean cosmetic addict back & ready to slather more things on my face! No better way to rejoin the skincare addicted community than kicking off the holidays with my personal favorite & biased skincare awards, The 2nd Annual Skincare Choice Dundies of 2016! We will discuss this year’s stellar products, brands that were trailblazers & skincare moments we wish we could forget in 2016.

The Skincare Sample Week Challenge II

I apologize for the hiatus! If you follow me on the social media then you might have noticed I am officially a French resident, my first “celebration” of this move was to get sick! I noticed while I was packing for the move from Austria that my skincare sample stash was starting to overflow so it seemed like a perfect time to do another round of Skincare Sample Routine Week! My initial post in April goes into more depth about my attitude towards free samples, personal methodology for de-cluttering & some conclusion statistics on my “sample findings”. The initial post is linked above if you would like to read more, otherwise TL:DR version is I throw away most free skincare samples & I only keep samples I genuinely want to try. The Challenge Before we jump into the samples, I will just preface with a few variables because cosmetics & reviews are such a personal thing! I have a dry & dehydrated skin, my MAC shade in NC20. I do have scent sensitivities that can trigger migraines, but …