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The 3rd Annual Skincare Dundies: Stud & Dud Cosmetics of 2017

This year has been different for me in a variety of different ways, including skincare. I was not nearly as experimental with new products, I found myself returning to cosmetics that were familiar & loved. I minimized my routine, not even bothering with it some of the time. I took a different approach to the 2017 Skincare Dundies, it will not be as extensive or feature the latest cosmetics as in years past. The focus will shift to my absolute tried & true favorite cosmetics of each category, accompanied by the most loathed product I have ever slathered on my face. Let’s try something new together, shall we? Oil Cleansers Loved: Tosowoong Apricot Seed Cleansing Oil This cleanser was included in one of my very first blog posts nearly three years ago now, that’s hard for me to even believe. I praised it highly in a post where I compared multiple oil cleansers, however this year was the first time I had repurchased it in quite some time & I am questioning why I had …

The 2nd Annual Skincare Dundies: Favorites & Hate-Its of 2016

Hello, fellow strangers! I apologize for the absence, work hours increased & life became a bit hectic; but consider your fellow Korean cosmetic addict back & ready to slather more things on my face! No better way to rejoin the skincare addicted community than kicking off the holidays with my personal favorite & biased skincare awards, The 2nd Annual Skincare Choice Dundies of 2016! We will discuss this year’s stellar products, brands that were trailblazers & skincare moments we wish we could forget in 2016.

The 2015 Favorites: First Annual Skincare Choice Dundies

Anyone else feeling the Starfish Lord & Snail Gods in this Chili’s tonight? Now that we have confirmed I have watched far too many reruns of The Office, let us get on to the topic of tonight: Skincare. I have been indulging in skincare for a few years now, it has been a long journey of product hoarding & error. I feel like this year was the first time I finally began grasping everything: The scientific research & ingredients, budgeting, made some great friends in the community, and discovered products that actually work. So I decided to close out the year 2015 by honoring some of my favorites for dry skin, Michael Scott style! You’ll laugh, you might cringe, and you’re wallet will definitely cry after realizing all the pretty skincare things you cannot live without in 2016! Best Oil-Based Cleanser Runner-Up: Kose Deep Cleansing Oil This is the most economical [Cost effective per ounce] oil cleanser I have ever used, but that is not the main feature that makes this oil cleanser attractive. It …