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You Had Me at Aloe: A K-Beauty Aloe Gel Comparison

While aloe is considered a summertime favorite, it is a staple cosmetic for many K-pop idols & beauty gurus. I recently introduced aloe gel into my daily regimen as a replacement for traditional body lotions, but I have always had an aloe plant or cosmetic tub of the gooey stuff on hand. My mum is a redhead that seemingly gets a sunburn if she glances outside & I had a fascination with the oven as a kid so enough said! If you’re unfamiliar with this desert plant, the smooth leaves with a spiny ridge are fragile along their centers. The leaves crack easily, oozing a slimy & watery gel from inside. Aloe is a well researched ingredient & historically used through various cultures. It provides soothing medicinal benefits for skin irritations or burns, it provides some antibacterial advantages as well. Aloe vera’s main claim to cosmetic fame is it hydration properties because the ingredient is 99.5% water. The Products When I began using aloe as an overall body gel last spring, I would purchase an …

The 2nd Annual Skincare Dundies: Favorites & Hate-Its of 2016

Hello, fellow strangers! I apologize for the absence, work hours increased & life became a bit hectic; but consider your fellow Korean cosmetic addict back & ready to slather more things on my face! No better way to rejoin the skincare addicted community than kicking off the holidays with my personal favorite & biased skincare awards, The 2nd Annual Skincare Choice Dundies of 2016! We will discuss this year’s stellar products, brands that were trailblazers & skincare moments we wish we could forget in 2016.